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Jade Originals Glutinous Rice Dumplings

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Jade Originals Glutinous Rice Dumplings

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival, Jade at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore presents Jade Originals Rice Dumplings featuring signature flavours. Enjoy evergreen crowd favourites like Traditional Pork Belly with Salted Egg Yolk Glutinous Rice Dumpling (传统炒米咸肉粽); and the premium Hong Kong Style Abalone Glutinous Rice Dumpling (港式鲍鱼裹蒸粽) comprising luxurious ingredients such as 10-head abalone, roast duck, pork belly, dried scallops, shiitake mushroom, chestnut and salted egg yolk.

A popular choice with the health-conscious is the Vegetarian Five-Grain and Assorted Mushrooms Glutinous Rice Dumpling (五谷野菇素粽) featuring Omnipork, an all-purpose plant-based meat substitute.

For a thoughtful, elegant gift to loved ones and business associates, choose from a selection of housemade glutinous rice dumplings. Auspicious Celebration (龙舟同庆) features an assortment of eight rice dumplings in three flavours.