Weekend Brunch & Local Delights

Enjoy the pleasure of a weekend brunch any day of the week, with Town's Takeaway Brunch.

Fill your table with an impressive spread starting with appetisers: a seafood platter, a charcuterie board and ‘Farm to Table’ delights starring burrata and accompaniments. For mains, savour delights from land and sea: the ‘Meat Galore’ platter, roasted rosemary spring chicken, Temasek sea bass and seasonal vegetables. Cap off the meal with a finale of petite desserts.

Craving the bold and hearty flavours of local food? Town Specials includes local favourites such as Peranakan Satay Babi with sambal fried rice and the aromatic wok-fried Laksa Goreng with tiger prawn, lala clams and fish cake. Take your meal up a notch with the Asian Lunch 3-Course Set: begin with refreshing green papaya and mango salad, followed by Laksa Goreng and mildly sweet Ondeh Ondeh Cake.



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