Fullerton Grand Tea by TWG


Adventures relieved, journeys narrated. Under the grand collonade of The Fullerton Building pervades the illustrious heritage of the 1928 building that was once home to the General Post Office, The Exchange and Singapore Club. The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and TWG dedicate this precious box of exquisite tea to the nostalgic voyager, a rejuvenated interpretation for the traveller who appreciates the legends behind the landmark.

This noble Yin Zhen white tea, beloved of Chinese Emperors, is evocative of the grandeur that suffuses the lofty halls of this historic building. The downy, white leaves, otherwise known as silver needles, are handpicked on only two days of the year. The crystalline white liquor of this aromatic tea fills your mouth with indescribable warmth and is composed of a secret blend of highly aromatic wildflowers.

50g | Red or Turquoise Box